On trust

Trust implies letting go of control. Letting go of control does not mean we have not planned or are not prepared.

We spend our lives walking our path. We have made choices that have led us to the exact spot we are in today. Those same choices will shape tomorrow’s path. They will lead us to decisions that will determine where our path leads. Of this much, we have control. 

If we were singular beings in our universe, it might stop there. We may never have to rely on trust. In truth, our paths are interwoven with the paths of those around us physically and spiritually. The serendipity of everyday life forces us to let go of well-laid plans. Do you trust the universe to lead you in the right direction? If you are religious, you might look to God for this guidance. I don’t believe in God in the organized religion sense, although I firmly believe there is collective energy around us that we influence. 

The past few days have been hard days for me. I’ve been struggling to reconcile with feelings of anger and disheartenment. It’s not been easy to calm my mind and find peace. I took some time to meditate before writing tonight and what I’m sharing comes from that space. 

Trusting the universe seems like crazy talk when we try to understand our grief. If we trust the universe, are we saying our friends or relatives died for a reason? Is there a bigger plan? I don’t think so. In my interpretation, it means that those who are gone walked their path. They leave our path forever changed. We go forward knowing we are better for having been influenced by them. We trust that they have given us what we needed from them. 

Having lost my father and then several close friends in rapid succession in just over a year, I have indeed spent too much time trying to find rhyme or reason. There isn’t a justification. There isn’t an answer. Not one that I’ve been able to find anyway. The way forward for me is to take in what I am offered. I stare into a starry sky in wonderment. Are spirits there guiding me? I listen to waves as they lap the shore. My heart finds calm, and I stop to breathe in the salt air, my medicine. 

Today, I’m sad. Tomorrow will be better. I trust that it will be. If it isn’t, I know better days will come. I trust that energy that we all put out there. Are those gone before us present in that universal energy? I’ve felt them near me. I trust that healing is happening even when I don’t recognize it.

Thank you for sharing your energy with the universe, so we can all find our best way forward. I’m glad to be on this journey with you!

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  1. That is beautiful! Keep positive, it is hard but worth it even if we don’t truly understand. Hugs and love sent your way 🫂❤️

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