On racism…

A terrible violent, and racist attack occurred in my community this weekend. I am ashamed. I want to have answers and solutions, but I don’t. In many ways, I have been so privileged. I don’t know and can’t imagine what it feels like to be the victim of such a heinous crime. I wish I knew the words to write that could somehow make it better, but I don’t. There are no words. 

I only know that I must write this. I have to say that as a member of this community, I cry for the victims. My tears don’t offer any comfort. All I can do is use my voice to say we must all do better. How did we let this happen? “We,” every one of us in this community. At a time when we were meant to celebrate our own minority community. To show our pride and fly our flag. We welcome others as they come, see who we are, and rejoice in our culture. We have revealed who we are. It isn’t a good look.

Our Island depends on immigrants in many workforce sectors. Our communities are better for this diversity. I have good friends from other cultures and other places. I want them to feel welcome here. I don’t want them to live in fear of being attacked. I relate to this as someone from the 2SLGBTQ+ community. I have seen and heard homophobia. I have had someone put an explosive or incendiary device in my mailbox days after an attack on two gay men in the Eastern part of the Island several years ago. I was scared. I worried about a more serious attack. This is minor compared to the violent act that occurred this past weekend. I can’t imagine how terrifying it must be.

I hope that those responsible face appropriate consequences. I hope that those who were attacked choose to stay in our community. I hope that we can somehow show them that they are wanted here. I hope that I can be part of the solution. I hope that this never happens again. I hope the victims find peace.

I leave you with this bit of writing resulting from a weekend of reflection.

The Heron

Tides move, shaping shores and dunes. 
Time marches on, leaving scars, and healing wounds.
Seasons change, and people too.
The heron watches from the shore.
True colours shining through.

5 responses to “On racism…”

  1. Oh Anna. So well written. And I agree. How did we let this happen? How on earth did we get here? We are many asking ourselves this. And we will come together. We have to.

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    1. This was written by my cousin Anastasia from P.E.I. so proud of you. We all have to come together, and take care of each other.

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  2. So so sorry to hear this story. What is wrong with people that they can’t just live in peace and love each other for who they are. My heart aches when there is senseless hatred. Hugs to you and thanks for sharing.


  3. As usual, a very well spoken text.



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  4. We do need to do better ! So sad !

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